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Jill Thomas

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†† Goldeye Publications† 2009


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In this collection of short stories Jill Thomas has brought to life the essence of twelve of the archetypes described in Myssís Sacred Contracts . Her simple prose allows the stories to be read by children and adults alike, each gaining their own insight at their own level of understanding and consciousness. As the stories unfold, the characterís move from having their archetypeís work from the shadow of unawareness into the light of awareness, allowing for their full expression in the world.† Jillís appreciation of these archetypes allows her to clearly identify to the reader both the shadow (unaware aspect) and the light (aware aspect) of each one.


Suzie Hebert Ouelletteís enchanting illustrations add a dimension of magical innocence to these remarkable stories. Let Jillís words and Suzieís images inspire your archetypical journey as you are invited to journal your own personal archetypical experience.

Jill Thomas

Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada


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Goldeye Publications

Cold Lake, Alberta

Jill Thomas


Cold Lake, Alberta, CANADA

Jill Thomas

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