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Jill Thomas

         “ Spirit’s Inspiration”

   Goldeye Publications  2009


Jill Thomas

Phone: 780-639-2879


My archetypal journey began in 2004. Beverlea, my friend and guide took me on this journey, called “Voice Dialogue of the Unconscious Archetypes.” The concept was based on Caroline Myss’s book, “Sacred Contracts.”  In 2005, I took a Sacred Contracts workshop created by Dianne Tharpe with Beverlea Morningstar and Linda Fraser facilitating.

 After the workshop, I continued my individual work with Beverlea. For almost 2 years I sat on the floor of her upstairs loft, connecting with her, within myself, taking notes and occasionally glimpsing out the window to the outside world. I discovered the mysteries of my archetypes while the stories built in my mind and the outline of a story magically appeared.

I say journey, but it was more of a voyage, for my story teller is a river. In order to find the stories of my archetypes, I had to sink to the bottom of this river while blocking out the noise of the world.

 I am a story teller, but I do not write alone. I have met many helpful and creative people along the way. I have read many great books and listened to music so deep it makes me fall to my knees. I had the opportunity to have my voice heard on the floor of an upstairs loft occasionally peering outside the window and to have the intuitive guidance of a gifted wise woman. It was always my dream to write a book. My guide taught me the importance of walking that dream while the world was generous enough to share its wisdom with me. My book, “Spirit’s Inspiration,” will inspire you to walk your own archetypal journey and perhaps encourage you to walk your own dream. May all your fabulous archetypes and spirits of the world be with you.

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