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Jill Thomas

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†††††††† ď Spiritís InspirationĒ

†† Goldeye Publications† 2009

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Spiritís Inspiration by Jill Thomas

Her simple prose allows the stories to be read by children and adults alike, each gaining their own insight at their own level of understanding and consciousness.

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Spiritís Inspiration



†† Jill Thomas has given us a wonderful collection of adult fairy stories.


†† These stories, while written with child like innocence, read by children and adults alike, capture the essence of many archetypical facets of the human condition.


†† Drawing her inspiration from the work of Carl Jung and Caroline Myss,

†Jill has condensed the complex, intangible world of archetypes into understandable, lovable characters we can all relate to.



ISBN/SKU/Item Number:† 978-0-9782892-0-1

Picture of Book Spiritís Inspiration
       by   Jill Thomas

Suzie Hebert Ouelletteís enchanting illustrations add a dimension of magical innocence to these remarkable stories.

Jill Thomas



Flying Dove


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