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Jill Thomas

Jill Thomas has brought to life Spirit’s Inspiration  The essence of twelve of the archetypes described in

Sacred Contracts

Cold lake News Jill Thomas

Dave Crombie and Kathy Suteau hosted a book signing for Jill on October 31, 2009.

Beverlea Morningstar hosted a book signing for Jill on October 18, 2009. Jill read 2 stories from her book, “Spirit’s Inspiration.”

From left to right:

    Beverlea Morningstar, Suzie Hebert Ouellette,

    Jill Thomas, Linda Fraser

Newspaper article, “Cold Lake Author Releases First Book,”  published on October 13, 2009.

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News Article

  My archetypal journey began in 2004. Beverlea, my friend and guide took me on this journey, called “Voice Dialogue of the Unconscious Archetypes.” The concept was based on Caroline Myss’s book, “Sacred Contracts.”  In 2005, I took a Sacred Contracts workshop created by Dianne Tharpe with Beverlea Morningstar and Linda Fraser facilitating.

Cold Lake Author Releases First Book

Date: 13/10/09

Jill Thomas